The Issues

My priorities are your priorities. Here are my positions on some of the most important issues facing the district.


As our state struggles with rising premiums and limited coverage options, there is something Georgia can do to make healthcare more affordable right now: expand Medicaid. The legislature still refuses to expand Medicaid to 600,000 uninsured Georgians even though many veterans, children and people working two or three jobs are falling through the cracks. It is common sense to use our federal tax dollars to pay for our own healthcare instead of letting that money go to other states. But above all, expanding Medicaid to those who need it is simply the right thing to do.

Public Education

All Georgians should have an opportunity to succeed, and the foundation of this opportunity is high-quality public education. To prepare our children for our growing economy, we must provide universal pre-K and access to reduced-cost colleges and technical schools. Public education isn’t just some ordinary line item on the budget—it’s the single most important investment we can make in Georgia’s future. We need leaders who will push other leaders to recognize that.


The time has come to invest in modern, accessible transit options for residents of North Fulton. As someone who has spent thousands of hours commuting in metro Atlanta, I am very familiar with the costs and frustration that come with letting traffic continually get worse. It shouldn’t take I-85 catching fire for us to have a productive conversation about improving transit along the GA-400 corridor. Our quality of life and ability to attract business depend on our willingness to tackle this issue.

Equality and Constitutional Rights

Standing up for true equality means being willing to talk about inequality. We must refuse to allow discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals under the guise of religious freedom. We must listen to women who speak out against sexual assault and other violence. We must protect voters from intimidation and deregistration. And we must never accept as normal the racial disparities in policing and the criminal justice system.

As an attorney who defends constitutional rights in my practice, I know how to design laws protecting equality and to fight for fair enforcement of all laws. As your State Representative, I will see you, I will hear you, and I will fight for you.