Legislative Recap 2019

It’s the honor of my life to serve you.

It has been the honor of my life to serve you in the Georgia House of Representatives this first term. The legislature passed some important bills in 2019, including a budget with raises for teachers, increased protections for renters, and other legislation aimed at improving the lives of hard-working Georgians. Much of the work we do at the Capitol isn’t controversial.

The state government has lost its way.

But even with the progress we’ve made, the state government has lost its way. Instead of keeping their focus on practical issues we can all agree about, the Governor and the majority party have waged a partisan war on women’s rights as well as other needless battles over divisive social issues that only distract us from the health and well-being of Georgians. HB 481 — the so-called “heartbeat bill” — is a disgraceful affront to women’s basic human rights. If it goes into effect, it will certainly make Georgia’s maternal mortality problem even worse. We already have the worst maternal mortality rate in the entire country.

Another example of needless partisan warfare was a bill that protected Confederate monuments by penalizing local governments who want to remove them. There is no reason to prevent a community from taking down its own monument if it wants to. What happened to the idea of “local control”? I voted against this bill because government should be about good policy, not about sending partisan political messages.

I need your help to get Georgia’s government back on track.

If you send me back to the legislature in 2020, I promise to keep doing what I’ve been doing: putting good policy above partisan warfare. I value my relationships with colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and I value the relationship I’m building with you.