My name is Josh, and I would be honored to serve our community.

I am a native of metro Atlanta and a proud Double-Dawg graduate of the University of Georgia. I’ve spent most of my life here. The people of Sandy Springs, Roswell, and Johns Creek know what it takes to go to work or make plans in the morning…better leave early. We know the relief of getting home and seeing our families after putting in a full day and finishing errands. We are thankful for what we have and hopeful about what we want.

This is my family’s story, too. My parents moved from Kentucky to Marietta in 1984 for better work opportunities. They stayed in their jobs for 25 years each and drove me every morning to Westminster. By the time I graduated with my Master’s in Public Administration from UGA and arrived at Yale Law School, I understood how fortunate I was and how much of a responsibility I had to fight for others to have the same opportunities. While in law school, I served as a volunteer public school teacher and led a year-long class on students’ constitutional rights. I also provided free representation to low-income citizens charged with non-violent offenses.

Now, as a trial lawyer living in Sandy Springs, I am continuing my work for those who need it most—and I believe that government has a long way to go before it is truly accountable to all its constituents. I am running to be your State Representative because the people of metro Atlanta deserve voices in the legislature who are unafraid to speak up for what people actually need. Legislators should always remember their job is about service, first and foremost. When I think of my parents’ humble roots and the sacrifices they made to put me in a position to give back, I won’t forget what matters most: fighting for you the same way my family fought for me.